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Fundraising products

Order these products and start raising money for your school! For quotes and more pricing information contact us!


We provide full color, custom yearbooks at the most competitive prices! 400 40-page yearbooks are as low as $7.95 each.


We offer regular or academic calendars, featuring your special dates and custom artwork in full color!

100 = $7.50 ea.
200 = $7.00 ea.
300 = $6.50 ea.
400 = $6.00 ea.
500 = $5.50 ea.
600 = $5.00 ea.


Get the exposure you need with our large, full color posters! We offer virtually any size, all at an affordable price. (20 14×20″ posters are just $19.98)

Art Cards

Create custom folding art cards with full color artwork on the front and customizable messages inside. For in-depth information about the process and pricing information, check out our Greeting Card Intro Letter.